Get Model B Hotspot VPN, a free VPN master, anonymously block and browse

 Betternet is a free and unlimited VPN (Virtual Private Network) proxy for Android.  Betternet VPN masks your IP address, encrypts internet traffic, converts public WiFi into a private network, and helps block Android phone sites and applications from accessing banned content securely and securely.

 It acts as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tour proxy, bypassing the IP ban and hiding the IP address and discarding internet sensors, calling it “onion routers”.  VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), however, are faster in communication and have privacy and security protection on their rotations (onion routers).

 Three main features of a VPN (virtual private network):

 Hidden Crawl: You do not need to install a hidden browser using VPN.  Simply activate your VPN and all your internet traffic is fully encrypted.  Your online activities are completely anonymous.
 WiFi Security: Since all your online traffic is encrypted via VPN, any public WiFi site you are trying to protect should be exposed to the risks of public WiFi.  And enjoy full WiFi security.
 • Location spoiler: The VPN hides your IP address, so your location is masked and you can change the geographical boundaries to access any content.

 Install Betternet VPN Now:

 Click Block Websites and Applications

 You can block any application or website using Betternet Free and Unlimited VPNs.  Get access to government censorship and geo-restrictions on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snap Chat, etc. or any other blocked websites!

 onym Anonymous connections and privacy protection

 Using a VPN will mask your IP and location, and your activities cannot be tracked on the Internet.  BatteryNet VPN service is better than your privacy watch and web proxy servers.

 Secure device

 Butternut protects the connection to your Android device when you are connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or mobile data networks.  It works like a free tour proxy (onion router), but it’s even more secure.  Your password and personal information are secure and protected from hackers.

 Surf anonymously at high speed

 The battery is faster!  It automatically detects your location and connects you to the nearest, fastest server.  As a result, your connection will be much faster than other VPNs or proxy providers.

 Hide Wi-Fi hotspots

 Public Wi-Fi sites are a great place for hackers and if they get your personal information, you could be the next victim of identity theft!  The BatteryNet VPN proxy uses the latest VPN technology to encrypt network traffic.  It allows you to connect to this website via HTTP and provide a secure shield for Wi-Fi.

 The ads appear in a free version of BatteryNet VPN.  Upgrade to Premium to enjoy unlimited upgrades and unannounced VPNs!


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 By the way, make sure to follow our twitter account at betternet_co and Facebook at http://fb.com/betternet.co.

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