Samsung Galaxy M20 Review

By | December 28, 2019

Samsung Galaxy M20 review

The South Korean company Samsung , like other companies in the smart phone market, recently focused on mid-range smartphones, being the most widely accepted and sold around the world, especially in developing countries, and the Galaxy M20 isone of the mid-range phones that provide users with excellent performance, at a low price.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy M20:


•Camera performance is poor in low light conditions

•Difficulty seeing when using in the sun


• Excellent screen with realistic colors

• Very excellent battery with fast charging

• Excellent phone performance with mid-range play

Samsung launched this device in January this year as one of the first phones in this new series, and provides users with all the basic services expected from a smartphone with a glossy plastic design or as the company calls it “polycarbonate”, while providing an excellent experience in using games Medium in size, without problems commenting or frustrating, weighing 186 grams.

The phone offers a screen size of 6.3 inches of the type LCD accurately FHD +, representing 83.6% of the front end with a notch in the middle comes inside the front camera, while the edges are small, especially on the underside.


The Galaxy M20 from Samsung comes with a good design for a mid-spec smartphone, so that the body is made of completely strong plastic, with a screen that represents most of the front end by 83.6% with dimensions of 19.5: 9 with a notch in the middle, and a screen of type TFT, which is acceptable because the phone Average specifications, and it is not reasonable to see the phone with an OLED screen, which is a main reason for the high prices of smart phones.

On the back side there is a dual camera with a vertical design and below the flash, next to it is a fingerprint reader and a company logo, and the phone comes with the traditional buttons to raise and lower the volume and power in the sides.


The most important characteristic of this mid-range phone is its performance.

So that if you are someone who is knowledgeable about technical matters, you will expect an acceptable performance considering the specifications of the phone, but the surprise is when trying the phone, which provided more than wonderful performance in all aspects, including the famous games PUBG with their medium settings, with a high temperature during playing for a long time, which is something Acceptable.

One of the important things in the phone is the dual rear camera that provides professional shots in excellent lighting modes compared to other phones in the same category, while the wide lens leads to reduced quality, and the downside of the back camera is photography in low light, so it is not recommended Never get this phone if you are a person filming a lot in the evening.

The front camera on this phone is considered one of the best in its class, as you will get high-quality selfies with excellent realistic colors, while the phone in general gives you an excellent use experience for a mid-range phone, with a large battery size of 5,000 mAh gives you two days in average use , And at least a day in heavy use, with 15W fast charging support.

The operating system and user interface of this phone is also a positive thing, as the phone comes with Android 8 system with support for the upgrade to Android 9, with a Samsung interface that gives you many features such as the ability to use two copies of the same application, and use the feature in the image, which allows You can use an application floating while using another application.


The Samsung Galaxy M20 is an excellent phone that provides you with everything expected from a mid-range smartphone and more. So that if you are a regular user of smartphones, you are interested in excellent performance without irritation or comment, you use the Buggy game, and you watch videos in high quality, this phone is suitable for you at a price starting from $ 165, while if you are interested in photography, I think that other options in the market are better Although the camera is excellent, but it is less good than competitors in certain situations such as night photography and video shooting.

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