Irrfan Khan, Magnificent Actor, Dies At 53. Last Rites Take Place In Mumbai

By | April 29, 2020

Irrfan Khan, Magnificent Actor, Dies At 53. Last Rites Take Place In Mumbai

India has lost one of its most celebrated actors Irfan Khan died on Wednesday in Mumbai after a two-year battle with cancer he was just 53 now leading the tributes we had Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling Khan’s death quote a loss to the world of cinema and theatre Khan’s award-winning career spanned three decades and more than 80 films he was one of the first Bollywood stars

to crossover to an international market with roles and critically acclaimed films such as Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire as well as blockbusters like Jurassic world and for more let’s bring in actor Adil Hussain who is has worked with Irfan Khan he’s joining us now from Delhi welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us on this somber day what was your reaction when you heard about Khan’s passing my first reaction was first unbelievable I could not I do I knew that he was unwell and we were not we haven’t met many times except for life

of five premieres and but that he joined film industry much before me and his portrayal of roles were the windows for me to see his vulnerability and his the beauty that he possessed and they empathy that he bought in me as a person and gave access to the characters that he played I never knew that I will feel so sad when I heard my I felt a punch in my heart and I am still whelmed and we mentioned that you worked with him on the 2012 film Life of Pi that went on to garner 11 Oscar nominations how is it working with him it is he was a phenomenal actor and I always looked up to him after I saw his first my friend first film of which I saw was namesake and that’s the time I fell in love with him before that I knew him as an actor but I also wasn’t in the film industry till 2010 myself I was very involved in theater but when I saw his film namesake directed by Mira nya I realized that the craft that he learned to be able to express himself with a most vulnerability and which where he sort of embodied the character in a wholesome way to give access to the audience to look at his soul so as a person I interacted with him few times and I always felt that he is in a deeper quest through his rules about his own life so we ended up speaking few things but I realized that his search for himself through the craft that he practiced perhaps one of the qualities which really you know set him apart what was he like beyond the film set he was always smiling he had his wits and his sense of humor was absolutely excellent I remember his smiles very well and his warmth he was very down to earth he never believed much in trills and glamour and all bad because he’s objective of being an actor was the was was to capture the reality and with you cannot capture the reality of a character the kind of characters that he played was from you know from very very real life and not from the nor the characters from the high-flying people with Oakland though he stayed don’t do according to my observation and tell us just briefly before we go I mean because we see from the reactions on social media that really India and the world we have to say is united in overwhelming morning overwhelming praise for him what do you think his legacy will be oh my god he will be remembered as one of the finest actors in India for sure and his contribution to world cinema as well he always didn’t like the term volume because he believed that the the Indian film industry is very different than Hollywood film industry so he will remain as one of the most revered actors most respected actors and also that inspiration from new kind of actors in India to portrayed roles with lot of realism which generally wasn’t the case in so-called Bollywood film industry so he is looked at as an actor who has changed the trend of Indian acting than the the realism of Indian acting so he will be remembered with lot of fondness love reverence and respect I do Husain we thank you so much for joining us to share those those warm tributes to your your friend your colleague Irfan Khan dead at the age of 53 we appreciate it


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