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Block free and unlimited vpn client sites, change your application and secure WiFi belts

VPN Proxy Master is 100% free, fully unlimited VPN, reliable and easy to use. This is the unlimited and fastest VPN proxy for you. Opening and launching locked applications, protecting your device, and protecting your online activity is an unlimited VPN.

No registration required, completely unlimited bandwidth!
Great and fast VPN speed!
Open the world with one button!

Install VPN Proxy Master for the following features:

Open websites and apps
Log in to any website: Connect to any website or application using a VPN proxy.

Great speed
Limited unlimited speed: no thrills.
Bandwidth Limited: No bandwidth or load limit.
Unlimited and unlimited server: Switch between locations at no charge.
Unlike other VPN providers, the VPN Proxy Master is never restricted. Connect to a VPN Proxy Master server at any time with no restrictions and unlimited downloads. Easily navigate between server locations at no additional cost. We have over 100,000 IP addresses with over 2000 servers in our server clusters, so the connection is always there.

Give all your activities online.
Advanced Military Encryption: Provide advanced Internet encryption technology.
Double VPN VPN: Double-encrypt Internet traffic to create an additional layer of Internet privacy.
O Note: The VPN does not store or store user records and Proxy Master activities. Your security and privacy are guaranteed!

Protect your privacy
IP Writer IP Address: Send your Internet traffic through a VPN Proxy Master server to change your real IP addresses
OtQ Protection Connection: The VPN Proxy Master protects you when you have a new WiFi or Internet connection. You will never be sensitive to a new hotel, airport, restaurant or other public space.

Improve your streaming experience
ReamCalculate – Packing, eliminating bandwidth and enjoying the safe flow experience.
MartSmartPlay: Get reliable access to your favorite streams with SmartPlay technology.
Light Speed: With the VPN Proxy Master, you can increase your transmission performance and achieve faster flow rates. Our users get 10 times faster with the VPN Proxy Master.

Easy to use
Always Easy VPN: Download, install and secure your Internet traffic with a single button.
Customer Support Master – Do you have a problem with the VPN Proxy Master? Customer service.

End User Requirements:
By downloading and using this product, you agree to the End User License Agreement and the Privacy Notice at 

According to the policy, this service is not available in China. Excuse the nuisance.


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