How To Make Money online | How To Earn Money online

How To Earn Money online

Request FREE Bitcoin BTC for FREE! Earn free bitcoin and free dogecoin

Win bitcoin and dogecoin for free!

BitBot is the prize that the FreeBitcoin website claims for its “FREE BTC” game.

The application is designed for users who do not have to solve captcha to win “FREE BTC” prizes. Every hour will automatically require a reward so you can earn more satoshis than “FREE BTC”.

When you connect to the Internet, BitBot will try to get rewards! otherwise, BitBot will try again when it connects.

BitBot did not have a claim mechanism for FreeDogecoin, but it is still on the list, so you can get free dogs.

I have bigger plans to improve the application in the future and maximize your income. Install it and be patient with the following functions.

Unlike other applications, BitBot is a lightweight application that works perfectly!
Please consider donating to keep it free.

BitBot is also available for non-Play Store users on Github (as APK), you can download it from there.

*** Benefits of BitBot:
– FREE BTC continuous awards.
– More premium tickets.
– More bonus bonuses! You can activate bonus bonuses and earn more!
More lottery tickets.
Maximum interest so that your balance grows faster!

Do you want more features? contact me! My email is down (also within the application).

The results may vary from one application to another, be patient and ask me to share your experience with BitBot. (error in Android 4 systems for an old Android error)

As mentioned earlier, the application is intended for users who may or may not cover the captcha layer.
BitBot works perfectly without neglecting battery optimization. Although BitBot is a battery-friendly application, it is required to allow the Android system to run endlessly.


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