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Apple IPhone 11 Pro Review-3 Cameras

Welcoming the review of the iPhone 11 Pro right off the bat I don’t really agree with the names that I don’t think there are enough supporters about these phones that could have warranted putting the Pro in the name but not the name actually. It doesn’t matter that these are the most high-end phones that Apple makes in 2019. The truth is that these are mostly very familiar phones for the last year which will be available from this year.

Le was also quite familiar but you already knew what is new Apple IPhone 11 Pro is really focused on four key things for this new iPhone so that the design barely upgrades the new display battery life key and these new cameras So that the design does not lie on you, we looked at those renderers and models and nobody felt they were beautiful. Me but as usual, taking them in your hand and actually seeing them in person is a different thing.

it doesn’t look horrible I love the new matte finish I think that helps a lot the way it looks the way it feels even if it is technically a little bit slippery than glossy I will take a matte option in any phone every time the camera square is a weird looking part I’m just happy we got memes out of it and it’s funny for whatever reason the camera square looks indented even though it’s sticking out it’s all cut from one piece of glass and it’s kind of like this weird optical illusion I guess but this is the design that Apple is crafted for the iPhone 11 pro camera bumps in a camera square and yes it rocks slightly when it’s on a table Apple does say that this is quote the toughest glass in any smartphone.

I’m not going to test, but let’s be real glass is glass, so you definitely don’t want to preserve it or at least try to drop it, it will probably still be shattered, but the good news is that it Not as scratchy. The Pixel 3 is a matte black glass that has reminded me that matte finish and camera layout are the only new things here with the design if it comes down to it. Don’t want to think about or just avoid any chance of fingerprints or scratches, you can grab one from our channel’s sponsor D brand and the matte black robot skin on it is actually a limited in front of the phone As for the version, it looks almost exactly the same.

The same screen size and resolution the same notch last year. The same bezels literally mean that you can place it next to the chore stone and you may have a hard time explaining which is new, so it is the same. Which is exactly what different apples have said to work better at 30% faster and bigger size angles in one place to become better Face ID of Apple IPhone 11 Pro.

I can vouch a little faster and you’ll really notice it if they’re running side by side with the old phone, but you know I’ll take that improvement anyway because it’s for safety And it is nothing but diversity.

I don’t know about you from the angle, but when I read that I was hoping it meant that it could sit on a table in front of you and still read your face and unlock it like it Couldn’t before but it still doesn’t. Unfortunately you still have to lean on whatever service is on the phone to do it, so I’ve honestly seen that here There is no improvement in angles which are basically the same oh compared. Buttons are very low on each phone which I don’t know if anyone else has shown, but it’s true. I think maybe it’s a little easier to deliver.

They have slightly upgraded the resistance to water, it is still IP68 certified and this phone is very thick and heavy, I haven’t really paid attention to the thickness, but I have notably noticed the weight in the promox being this big. The phone is heavier than 20 grams last year and I can tell it a little bit, but you know it’s completely fine because the battery life is excellent on this phone and Pus has come because it also gets rid of 3D Touch so that the Apple Watch actually recovers only the new Apple product with 3D Touch shipping, but by getting rid of that pressure-sensitive display hardware that The larger battery allows more space in the phone.

It is true that the tear downs have shown that this battery is larger so the battery is 10. The difference from 11 to 11 was an hour which is only F13 is a bionic improvement but the improvement from 10s to 11 Pro was four hours because to get rid of that 3D touch the hardware has left room for a much larger bat. I would know if I could claim four to five hours I can measure, but from my experience the battery life has not been excellent.

I know you using super high bright high-end all the time, I get seven to eight hours of screen and a whole day of battery on this phone every day, so you can be really impressive at it. Kill in a day, but you really have to try to get back to that performance now, I mentioned to each other that they got rid of 3D Touch, it’s mostly Replaced by the aptic touch which are essentially long presses that bring back almost all of the functionality.

3D pressing isn’t as great as peaks and pops, but I rarely use it and especially There is also something new about performance from the SE that it can hold 800 nits of high brightness and reach extremes at small points for brief moments. 1200 nits which is incredible on a smartphone display and it ranges from two million to a contrast ratio, so of course they had to name it that they named it Super Retina Display XD, the name is quite patchy but the display is again impressive Oors and Out Now tell you the difference with 10s side-by-side with watching a YouTube video or playing a game or even scrolling Instagram Do, but there are definitely no certain times when watching a movie or in HDR, where you can notice that the brightness has improved and it looks great and the sound is also very good for better speakers, However there is still a notch you know the highest end.

iPhone performance has always been great and it’s no exception. It’s better again, but I can’t help but think that customers may have seen much better improvements or a bunch of notches that you know we And will receive later.

For now all you need to know is the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max again have better amazing high resolution OLED displays and they are slightly more efficient and also contribute to more battery mileage, so it’s worth it oh And the specs they almost don have an iPhone review on the case, but since people are always curious this year it is a new 13 bionic chip which is excellent and the RAM of these pro phones has four According to the bench, it is still very fast as any new phone should have the most. These improvements of more than a12 are going to help it stay fast for longer and as it has been said that at the end of the life of the phone It will be more appreciated than the beginning. It’s all right.

I almost can’t believe that I made you live. UISs tend to wait a long time for cameras, so clearly there are cameras. If you have seen any ads or any presentation videos, these cameras are the main focus for the iPhone 11. Yeah that’s a sentence so you can see it ‘Triple cameras are now seeing three new sensors, so you have a primary 12 megapixel sensor a 2x telephoto camera and a 0.5X ultra wide camera about a 120 degree area and that’s true Is that the iPhone 11s camera is a big improvement over the 10s. In daylight I will proceed by saying that this is an A + camera that is often taking the fastest and cleanest photos I’ve seen.

Martophone colors are great. They are realistic so no more than the processed dynamic range is excellent and definitely the subject is their tonal mapping to the next level. It is really good which definitely helps it in tough shooting scenarios where it is tennis. There is a lot of improvement in this, so there is a specific iPhone 11 Pro photo. I think that the human eye of any smartphone camera sees the most A nd I’m including the Pixel on it, which gets a little contrast here, is a bit more dramatic, but definitely an ultra wide camera.

Finally I am waiting for this, I am waiting to see what an iPhone Ultra Wide Camera will look like LG did it Samsung did it Motorola did it more than one Huawei did it We already did all this in Ultra Wide. We just wanted to see what Google and Apple would do with their new cameras so that we would finally have an iPhone Ultra Wide and that’s it It’s okay. It’s really great.

The main advantage should be stability with other lenses and color wise white. It’s intelligent that it’s very consistent, but thanks to the small sensor and slow glass in quality and detail, it’s still a step up. The bottom is. It is very soft. On ultra wide cameras there is a bit more noise reduction in smoothing, so it is generally not as good quality as the main camera. Which is expected, but it doesn’t stop being awesome for these new fun approaches and all the pervas that come with an ultra wide camera.

The new UI is also the first improvement in the i Phone camera app when you know that they Simplified. Some controls push them down to where you can reach with one hand and now when you open it you get a preview that in Ultra What to show If you switch it, expand.

I really don’t want that I think it’s kind of cool that shows what you can see, but when I just want to take a normal photo it’s kind of distracting it’s a little real. Behind the framing and it doesn’t align perfectly at the moment so I want to turn it off, but when it turns out you’re taking a picture of a closer subject I Won’t be able to erase it on my own because I think it makes sense that Ultra War is more for landscape or faraway themes and then it will come back on its own when you put that close subject away, but yes I can do it completely.

Kind of turn off, now there is also a dedicated night mode at the end that automatically turns on when it thinks it’s dark enough but sometimes it’s kind of dull and it’s Doesn’t turn on when you want it, but there is no way to manually turn on night mode which is not very pro, but well when you turn it on the UI it is excellent it gives you exposure equivalent. So that you can move up or down live.

I think they can be really good, but in general I’m really happy that this is the new focus on smartphone cameras. I think in the final year of smartphone presentations I have more on camera than any other feature.

Time has passed and all of them are just fighting against each other to try to make the best possible camera to put in their pocket and we are Wins that the iPhone 11 Pro still does the best video of any smartphone which is still very clear to me and they are also making it easier now to just start taking a video in the UI so that if you watch something like that Like you open the camera and just hold down the shutter button and it starts recording just like Instagram or Snapchat and if you want to lock it in a video recording Lets you just drag it to the right and free it hands. You’re taking a video, but yes their competition in the photo is very stiff and it’s coming from all the different directions that we can get to pixel four.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro that we just had comes out of a Plus 70 that can rely on that stuff.

I just want to touch iOS 13 of Apple IPhone 11 Pro for a second, so I’m using it in beta on my iPhone 10s Mac before it comes out so I’ve already used things I got here like Dark It’s a big bunch of little tweaks here and there like the mode and long press and quick settings and stuff, but I think it’s buggy.

I have some weird issues with lock screen controls. Is just not showing sometimes sometimes the camera app just freezes all at once until i close it and then i have some other weird app issues like tesla app and instagram app, but now they are ok Done, so I should definitely mention that hopefully iOS 13.1 and future software updates will exclude this stuff. As its iOS you would expect that you are thinking of a U chip in these new phones, which should basically give you ultra wideband signals again to detect the context of other U1 capable devices and in the airdrop Should improve which software is not enabled in this version.

I think it’s also coming in 13.1 that we don’t really know what else it does so usually iPhone’s software experience is much more unchanged. The same UI is the same feature set that you already know it’s nothing dramatically or very different. Beyond that I think night mode so I’m not super surprised I’ll look here. You probably don’t need the iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s a great upgrade in this way.

Actually a lot of these improvements happened even if they are small ones. The main functional things like speed battery life and camera for if you were to ask ordinary people what they care about the most in their phones, then those are the things, but I have said it before and I will repeat it Will say a lot Those features that I was looking specifically for when we heard that a pro phone is about to arrive is just not here and I found a way too early for this 20/20 iPhone or iPhone 12 or whatever Says and indeed the new designs are shrinking.

The mark may be USB Type-C. Of course there would have been a higher refresh rate enhancement display that would have been the Super Pro, which would have been behind the Touch ID back under the display glass, while I am If you were charging any of these things in the phone, you would feel a little more.

Pro and maybe made it worth the name or just felt really good, but certainly nothing of it has happened, in fact the Focus a13 battery life for this new iPhone 11 Pro is a slightly improved performance and just It has come down to these new cameras that you want that you have found if you are just a person who wants the best possible camera in your phone or if you want to do a lot of videos Build or if you are a pro content manufacturer on your phone then you are going to be really happy with this phone with the new iPhone Classic or even with the new iPhone 11 Non Pro which is $ 300 cheaper and it has the same cameras and similar processing and a great battery life – telephoto but again such a cheap price that it will get its own review but I would make a very good phone as the whole iPhone 11 Pro Is and unless you have 10s, probably worth the upgrade for the love of cameras, but for a really big person like me this phone is not 20/20. iPhone or next iPhone so that’s something to think about, but we’ll be ready for it because I expect a lot more, but this package they have shipped today. It’s pretty good either minute like this to catch you guys Thanks for the speed next one.


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