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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Mobile Review

Xiaomi announced latest phones recently to join a new phone The Mi Note 10 to the leading of Xiaomi series of notes with the durability and raw materials manufacturing respectable with five background cameras resolution up to 108 Mb It is the largest camera on the smartphone so far let us know the full specifications… Read More »

Honor 8X Max Review

Company launched its Honor 8X Max phone to complete the previous Honor 8X success march, Honor continues to increase success by making preference to the Honor 8X Max through the big screen, the phone is similar to the tablet for fans of the big screen with the battery with the largest capacity and support for… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review

Samsung Galaxy M20 review The South Korean company Samsung , like other companies in the smart phone market, recently focused on mid-range smartphones, being the most widely accepted and sold around the world, especially in developing countries, and the Galaxy M20 isone of the mid-range phones that provide users with excellent performance, at a low… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy A51 Mobile Review

Samsung Galaxy A51 Mobile Review The Samsung Galaxy A51 comes as the first Samsung phone in the cubicle class to go with a Super AMOLED screen in a comparative shape as an opening in its pioneer phones, for instance, the Galaxy Note 10 with ideal cameras over in its past phones in a comparative game… Read More »


  Vivo impelled its new phone, the Vivo S1, to be the chief phone in the S course of action that spotlights on plan explicitly, so will the phone have a strong introduction with an appealing appearance, the phone goes with a processor from Media Tech Helio P65 to be the essential phone that goes… Read More »


OPPO A9 2020 Review This year OPPO renews Serie A and it does so by trying to suggest a balanced device. The new OPPO A9 2020 presents itself – in fact – with some compromises, such as HD + display , but with special wise devices promising the use of fluids from several perspectives. Did… Read More »

Infinix S5 Mobile Review

Infinix S5 Mobile Review A new mobile from Infinix , Infinix S5 .. this phone is surrounded by stuffing a lot of specification numbers .. like the 128 space and 6 GB RAM and the quad-back camera and the full screen in which there is a needs really pulling a lot of people ..… Read More »

Honor 8 Smartphone Review

The Huawei Honor 8 mobile is a new innovation from Huawei and a new release of the Honor series, which Huawei announced in this year to come in with great specifications and a good price that does not compare with its features. Operating system: Huawei Honor 8 runs the Huawei’s Emotion 4.1 user interface on… Read More »

Honor 10 Lite Smartphone Review

Once again, the Honor 10 Lite phone comes to join the Honor series in light of the fierce competition between phones. Currently, the phone comes available from the company Honor , the screen occupies 90% of the front end. The company also officially announced that the phone has a powerful processor Kirin 710 to provide… Read More »

Nokia 2.3 Full Review

Nokia, recently launched new economic phones to enhance its position in the competition center to suit all users where added Nokia giant battery for her new economic economic category Nokia 2.3 with bulb notices and many features , let us review the full specifications of the phone Nokia 2.3 Is it worth buying or not?!… Read More »